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“This Summer we absolutely rocked our junior camps because of the Saber. We were able to efficiently coach two groups of 20 beginner golfers because of the Saber curriculum. The way our kids grasped what we were coaching them with the Saber was truly remarkable and as a team of coaches we all became believers in the “Power of the Saber” We joked during the camps that we all had “Saber Power”! The Saber unified the campers and coaches all week as we were all speaking the same language….we had a blast!”

AJ Fetsko, PGA, Junior Camp Director, Glenwild Golf Club and Spa


Kohl Kuebler is an exceptional 15 year old junior golfer and one of the best junior golfers in the state of Arizona. Kohl started golf at 12 years of age and in his very first round of golf shot 65 for 9 holes. After getting hooked on the game, Kohl’s coach Craig Hocknull gave him a Saber to train with and do drills. 2 years after Kohl began his Saber work, coaching and dedicated practice routines he shot 66 for 18 holes on the same course. Kohl now maintains status as one of the best junior golfers in the state of Arizona.


“The Saber is the best multi-purpose training aid for all my students. Most training aids are one dimensional, the Saber is great because it can be used for every part of the swing as well as short-game and putting. If fits great in their golf bag which means it gets used every session.”

Noah Horstman, PGA 2014 & 2016 Northern Ohio Teacher of the Year, Director of Instruction Beechmount Country Club


“As a college golf coach I am always looking for ways to improve my players games without making huge changes. The Saber has been a great addition to our training program for both the men’s and women’s teams. It is a great tool for individual player development as well as when we do team stretching or gym work.”

Bryan Altena, Director of Golf, Arizona Christian University


“Personally, I use it before every round and practice session. I give it to every student to warm up with and I have confidence that it’s the best training aid for my students. I don’t feel like I’m “selling” my students on something I just feel like I’m helping them.”

Zach Mahon, PGA Director of Instruction – The Golf School at Stow Acres


Jesse Hughes is a PGA Teaching Professional and Director of Instruction at Top Golf in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jesses set of right hand clubs were unfortunately stolen one day. Jesse made the decision to instead of buying a brand new set right away, he was going to use the saber to teach himself how to play left handed first. After just a few short weeks of training with the saber left handed, Jesse was well on his way to doing something he never thought he would be able to do, “be just as good left handed as he was right.”

Jesse Hughes, PGA Director of Instruction, Top Golf Scottsdale





The PGA Show Best New Product Award Wining Saber Golf Trainer, is the ultimate golf swing training tool! This golf training aid replaces an entire teaching bag of trainers because of its multipurpose design.
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