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Craig Hocknull PGA Championship

by Owner and Inventor Craig Hocknull, PGA

Focusing on playing golf on the PGA Tour will drive you to leave no stone unturned with regard to chipping away at your game. Through the junior golf ranks in Australia to a full ride golf scholarship in the U.S. and eventually membership to the Web Tour I managed in 2017 to play my first PGA Tour event at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

As a 20 year teaching professional and part time tour player with memberships to the American, Australian and Canadian PGA's  

I was faced with a challenge ........

Come up with an all encompassing training tool and system of athletic and intellectual development that would help millions of golfers achieve their greatest potential in the game of golf. The challenge seemed daunting when I looked at the great variety of swing issues or flaws that needed correcting. However when I began to simplify the golf swing down to the following pieces I began to realize that


was the answer to the challenge. It was also revealed to me that most other products or systems on the market were designed to solve a specific problem and none were actually created to improve the entire golf swing and setup from a systematic and fundamental foundation.

So I invented and patented the Saber to help all golfers develop their grip, set-up and swing in a simple and athletic manner. All of our different Sabers are sized and weighted to help golfers of all ages and ability levels develop the following 4 key areas.






  • Inconsistency.
  • Short drives.
  • Slices.
  • Hooks.
  • Chunks.
  • Topped shots.
  • etc. etc.
It really is simple ...... improve your form and improve all areas of your game.


    Step 1. GREAT TECHNIQUE - Improve your technique with the Saber by training with the online training that is included with your purchase. These 42 videos are designed to help you improve your entire swing and achieve consistency. Presented to you are the 10 key positions of the golf swing as well as 32 videos on how to solve the very common mistakes you are already making.

    Step 2. ATHLETIC TIMING - As you use your Saber and watch the training videos you will learn how to easily find the 10 key positions of the golf swing as well as develop proper load and unload of energy which is athletic timing. The Saber and the videos help you to create athletic freedom and sequence from a stationary position to a powerful and dynamic release of energy movement.

    Step 3. CONTROLLED STRENGTH - With repetitive at home training with video access right on your smart phone you are able to correctly build the strength and stabilizing muscles that are necessary for great control and consistency of athletic movement patterns. Building strength is not just for power although your golf muscles will get stronger, building strength is key to injury prevention and developing the correct neuromuscular firing patterns necessary for consistent and powerful golf swings.

    Step 4. SEQUENCED SPEED - Speed production is extremely key and possible with both great timing and great form. To work simply on speed is a mistake because without great form you are training yourself to create speed in the wrong direction. Unless you have already built the foundation of GREAT TECHNIQUE, ATHLETIC TIMING, CONTROLLED STRENGTH then adding SEQUENCED SPEED will only make you hit your poor shots FASTER NOT FURTHER.

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    “As a teaching professional I am passionate about helping all of my students succeed. It is my goal to help you “Get It” and “Keep It” which lead me to designing the Saber. As I began working through prototypes it was crystal clear that the Saber was going to be of tremendous help to my students. What happened next however was telling; I actually got better! As an accomplished club professional I had competed in several PGA National Tournaments however it was my dream to play on the PGA Tour. I can honestly tell you that through the hours and hours that I tested my prototypes my swing got better and better without even knowing it. On January 30th 2017 I will compete in the Waste Management Phoenix Open on the PGA Tour accomplishing a life long dream. The Saber has helped me to play my best golf and I am very excited about what it will do for you as well. Cheers! and Enjoy!” – Craig Hocknull, PGA of America, Australia and Canada. Played multiple tour events world wide.


    Craig developed the Saber as a way to train his golf swing when he wasn’t on the course. While traveling in between tournaments, Craig was able to use the Saber to keep training STRENGTH, SPEED, TIMING and TECHNIQUE. The Saber is a great tool to use in the living room, hotel room or driving range as it provides instant feedback so that you can correct swing flaws and develop efficiency. We have 5 models that will help players of all ages and abilities develop athletic freedom in their golf swings.





    2023 Shriners Open Competitor - Las Vegas, NV

    2022 WM Phoenix Open Competitor - TPC Scottsdale, AZ

    2020 Utah PGA Teacher of The Year

    2020 Shrinner's Hospitals for Children's Open - TPC Summerlin - Las Vegas, NV 

    2019 101st PGA Championship - Bethpage Black - Long Island, NY

    2018 100th PGA Championship - Bellerive CC - St. Louis, MO

    2018 Southwest Section PGA Matchplay Champion

    2017 New South Wales Open - PGA Tour of Australasia

    2017 PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix Open - TPC Scottsdale

    2016 PGA of Canada National Club Professional Champion - Port Royal, Bermuda

    2016 Southwest Section PGA Champion - Southern Dunes, AZ

    2015 PGA National Award Finalist - Player Development

    2014 Teacher of the Year - Southwest Section PGA

    2014 Player Development Professional of the Year - Southwest Section PGA

    2013 Player of the Year - Southwest Section PGA

    2013 Junior Golf Development Professional of the Year - Southwest Section

    PGA Advanced Certified in Teaching & Coaching Advanced Certified in Player Development 


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