Craig Hocknull Golf Podcast

Craig Hocknull Golf Podcast

Craig Hocknull Golf Podcast

Welcome to the Craig Hocknull Golf Podcast your home for authentic golf coaching. 

Craig will both educate and entertain you as we play our way along the fairways of life.  

No subject is off limits as he takes a deep dive into all areas of the game, from understanding the strategies of how to play a scramble, to high tech golf performance coaching, Craig will discuss full swing techniques, green reading mastery and everything in between. 

If you’re interested in what equipment the tour players are using or digging deeper into mindset and confidence coaching Craig will be your guide.

With 25 years of professional competitive golf experience as a player and award winning golf coach,  Craig unpacks his experiences on the PGA Tour and the lesson tee, in a simple, fun, and engaging way. 

Craig has coached thousands of golfers from beginners to tour players and has seen it all! 

In fact he would love it if you tried to stump him with your questions.

Our goal is to take you on a journey both on and off the golf course, so if you’re looking for inspirational, motivational educational and entertaining content, you found it! Right here on the Craig Hocknull Golf Podcast.

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The birdies and bogies of life are better experienced in the company of friends, so let’s learn, play and laugh together. Cheers!