Arm Lock Style Putting and Putters for Golf

Using an arm lock putting technique is very simple, however getting the perfect putter for your arm lock putting technique is much harder. At Saber Golf we use our secret fitting formula to custom fit and build a putter just for you so that you can use the arm lock putting technique to make more putts. There are many different ways to achieve the correct angle and length however making sure that your putter and your putting technique conforms to the rules of golf is another thing. 


Arm Lock Putting and Putter

We have two styles of Saber Stability Core putter heads, the Saber Cat Blade and the Saber Hawk Mallet. Both of these heads can be used to create your custom arm lock style putter.


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In recent years since the "putter anchoring ban" you have seen players such as Matt Kucher, Adam Scott, Sergio Garcia, Keegan Bradley Webb Simpson use this type of putting technique. It is probably the fasted growing putting technique in golf due to the fact that it works for golfers of all ability levels. In fact some of the most significant improvements are being reported by poor putters and players who struggle with the yips. This arm lock putting technique is not new however as Bernard Langer used a variation of locking his putter to his lead arm in the 90's.

If you are interested in learning how to use this technique and you are interested in getting a 100% fully custom Saber Golf Stability Core putter that conforms to the rules of golf send us an email: