1 Saber Golf Putting Ruler Training Aid

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Craig Hocknull PGA Championship Bethpage 2019 Saber Golf Putting Ruler


Master your putting with the Saber Putting Ruler. Confidence is huge and efficient practice time using the best quality MADE IN USA putting stroke trainer is how you achieve this goal. The best players in the world use putting tools to help make their practice time more efficient. At 36" and 1.25" wide the SABER PUTTING RULER is not just a ruler it is also a green speed measuring tool as well. This simple, strong and light weight putting ruler is the perfect blend of several other putting products on the market all wrapped up in one beautiful made in the USA product. 

HOW TO USE IT? (Watch Videos Below)

  1. Roll a ball down the track on the ruler to see the perfect break.
  2. Roll a ball down the track on the ruler to find the straight putt.
  3. Roll a ball down the track on the ruler three times in each direction and use the ruler to measure the green speeds for the day.
  4. Putt balls down the track for confidence.
  5. Putt balls down the flat side of the ruler to train a pure and simple stroke that makes putts.

The inspiration for this product came from a ruler, however the design complements proprietary putting training protocols which are described in the video training series that accompany each SABER PUTTING RULER. Standard rulers are flimsy and break easily over time. This milled aluminum putting track is the perfect width for strength and the perfect design to help build confidence in your stroke.

When combined with the Saber Stroke Trainer and Saber Putting Discs you will see tremendous improvement in your putting and if you want to truly revolutionize your putting get fit for a Saber Cat or Saber Hawk custom putter.

Craig Hocknull owner and inventor explains here how he used the Saber Putting Ruler at the PGA Professional Championship and PGA Championships at Bellerive and Bethpage.



  • Built in green speed measuring system that complements the Stimp meter readings that your course superintendent our tour official will provide you.
  • Online training videos accompany each purchase to include proprietary training protocols.
  • MADE IN USA high quality light weight aluminum constriction.
  • Fits perfectly into your golf bag and is designed to withstand repetitive use and wear.