1 Saber Golf Putting Discs - Set of 2 Training Aid

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Designed to build confidence the SABER PUTTING DISCS (Set of 2)  are the ultimate target for indoor and outdoor putting practice. The simulated reduced cup size 3.75" (.5" smaller than a regulation cup) is designed to make your practice time efficient and build confidence. Tournament practice greens are often crowded with typically every hole occupied for practice putting so why not take your putting discs with you and eliminate that frustration. The sturdy construction is perfect for withstanding lots of practice. Use them like the tour players do; take them out onto the course during practice rounds and throw them out as your predicted tournament hole locations so you can simulate tournament rounds and develop a game plan for competition. 



  • Perfect for at home or indoor practice.
  • Perfect for use when the practice green is overcrowded and you need to putt.
  • Not every hole is cut in the best location on the practice green so use your putting discs to putt more efficiently where-ever and when-ever you want.
  • Reduced target size helps to develop confidence.