1 Saber Golf Grip Builder Training Aid

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A lot of attention is made on the physical attributes of the highest level athletes in golf,  especially their upper body strength, leg strength and speed of hip rotation. The most overlooked asset of the tour player is their forearm and hand strength. The average tour player has considerably higher than average forearm and grip strength which is necessary for producing a powerful and accurate impact position and swing.



This handy portable grip strengthener is designed to help golfers build forearm and hand strength through resistance training. The ergonomically designed SABER GRIP BUILDER is tested to withstand approximately 33 LBS of pressure through the act of squeezing the oblong shaped walls together.


  • Designed to build hand and forearm strength through repetitive exercise.
  • Made of extremely durable rubber with an ergonomically designed slip resistant design.
  • For the best results combine grip builder squeezing with intermittent stretching.