1 Saber Golf Vision Optics Training Aid for any Glasses

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Saber Golf Vision Optics are the best invention for SEEING AND FEELING  how much your head actually moves in the golf swing. KEEP YOUR HEAD STILL! Right! How do you know your head is moving when you can't see yourself? The answer is easy, with Saber Golf Vision Optics that adhere to the inside lense of your favorite sun or prescription glasses. 

When you sight the ball through the bullseye's on your glasses and you begin your swing, stroke or chip you will instantly see how much your head and whole body is actually moving. The genius is in its simplicity and practicality.

Purchase a pack of these optics and SEE YOUR IMPROVEMENT!

The optics are re-usable as long as the adhesive stays clean and don't worry they don't leave any sticky residue on your lenses.